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in regard of marketing and PR campaign?

We have been aiming to help ICOs and STOs in order to raise the funds as much as possible by providing the all needed support from Turkish market which is our professional field. 

We are providing one of the best solutions to the ICOs and STOs for the Turkish market. Such as; media publications, company blog, social media marketing, crypto community management, bounty/airdrop campaigns, targeted marketing, and advisor search/outreach.

What we do to support ICOs and STOs to raise the fund from Turkish Market?

community development

  • Crypto Forums 
  • Bounty Programs 
  • Social Media (Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) 
  • Community management 


  • More Than 50 Local Platforms
  • Listing on Centralized Excanges
  • Community management 

Growth hacking

  • Community Growth (Telegram, Bitcoin Talk) 
  • Grassroot marketing to promote chats 
  • Hidden Marketing 
  • Referral Program, AirDrops 


  • Working relationships with relevant influencers on YouTube, Blogs and Twitter 

public relations

  • Top-notch business media (popular platforms in Turkey) 
  • Local Meetings
  • PR in Turkish Market which is #4 compare to other countries in regard of investment in ICOs and STOs.

And More!

We have a team of 5 expert on their fields and can increase the members up to 10 if needed for the project.

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Content Creator

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Ahmet Semih tunalı

Translator/ Community Manager

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Alper BOZKurt

Press Agent




Software Developer

Featured Projects

CoVEX Exchange
The Wizzle netwoRK
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ASK DEtaıls Of pr and marketıng campaıgn for ıco/sto

By providing information you will be able to receive a ROADMAP about how to cooperate in order to help funds for you ICO or STO in local market which is Turkey by the help of local marketing team. If you need marketing campaign for your ICO/STO; we will be provide a wide range campaign that can boost your popularity to raise funds.

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ASK DEtaıls Of angel ınvestors / product placement for ıco/sto

If you are interested in Product Placement or Angel Investors you can just keep in touch by providing project related information. We will also be interested about your expectancy and if we can help to manage to reach your expectancy. We will be sharing the ICO/STO to more than 25 of our clients who are Angel Investors or local Institutions.

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