We are glad to be one of the best Marketing and PR campaign team in Turkish Market which is currently ranked #4 in consideration of investing in ICOs/STOs. We have 25 years of experiences in total and try our best to provide whatever needed for Blockchain based companies to help to raise the funds during their ICO or STO.

If you are aware of the power of running unique campaigns to spesific target countries so Turkey is one of them and we are here to help in all way. It's not only about Marketing or PR Campaign but it's more about how to reach the possible target investors and we are aware of that.


We do believe that a successful Marketing and PR Campaign should also kick angel investors to get into the project. We have multiple angel investors who are open to hear new projects and discuss about investing. We do provide the support to have multiple pitch for our clients who are angel investors and if agreed contact to the team. Therefore, we also have an employer who only works with angel investors and share the information about the possible projects to invest.


Another crucial part is the power of top 10 press institutions. Therefore, we have an employer who is only interesting how to reach the best target via press institutions and keep in touch with contect creator to share the best materials in a best way. We reach about 250.000 unique people by the help of each press release.


The language is another barrier for the ICOs and STOs in order to raise the enough funds from spesific countries. Therefore, we have at least one translator to translate all materials that can be helpful for the campaign and run all social media platforms in Turkish specifically to answer the possible questions and get more reactions from investors.